The 'Roadmap to Digital Language Diversity'

The aim of the 'roadmap to digital language diversity' is to ensure that proper and adequate actions are undertaken in order to ensure an appropriate digital presence to Europe’s regional and minority languages. The 'roadmap' is intended to complement other previous and ongoing initiatives, such as the NPLD European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity, the META-NET Strategic Agenda and the FLaReNet Blueprint for Actions and Infrastructures.

Its innovative character lies in its specific focus on the particular needs and challenges of regional and minority languages.

The 'roadmap' will detail the major practical lines of action to be undertaken by different categories of stakeholders: individual speakers and speakers’ communities, SMEs, digital content providers and ICT developers, policy makers.

Concrete and realistic recommendations will be provided to prepare the ground for a EU-wide directive concerning the attainment of equal digital opportunities for speakers of all languages, in order to stop under-representation of some languages and create strong pressure on local policies in member countries. These recommendations are therefore to be intended as a contribution to concrete, tangible and far-reaching measures for strengthening Europe’s linguistic diversity.

The activities related to this output will take place between M18 and M36 and can be summarized as follows:

A5.1 - Plan of action: identification of priorities, urgencies and potential addressees (M18-M23);
A5.2 - Development of the 'roadmap' (M24-M30);
A5.3 - Translation (M31-M32);
A5.4 - Dissemination of the 'roadmap' (M33-M36).

ELEN will be responsible for the organisation and leadership of the activities related to the 'roadmap' as well as for the dissemination of the final result; all other partners will contribute to this intellectual output in their respective expertise.