DLDP survey into digital needs of EU minority language speakers officially launched @ Codefest!

As DLDP Coordinator announced today at the Codefest summerlab in Donostia, DLDP has officially launched the first stage of its enquiry into the digital needs of the speakers of four lesser-used EU languages: Basque, Breton, Karelian and Sardinian.

Speakers of Basque, Breton, Karelian and Sardinian are invited to contribute to the survey by filling in the online questionnaires in their languages.

Over the next few weeks the DLDP Consortium will send out questionnaires to a range of organisations engaged in promoting these languages.

The survey results will be processed and will help decide how best to develop digital support for these languages, which will lead to the establishment of the DLDP Digital Language Survival Kit, a set of recommendations to promote the digital use of minority languages.

The survey will also act as the first study of the digital needs of EU minority language speakers and will give stakeholders and academia a detailed view into what grass-roots organisations and the actual language communities themselves are thinking about in terms of how they want to develop provision for their languages in the digital sphere.

In addition, DLDP will develop a Road Map for Digital Language Diversity, which will guide policymakers and stakeholders on the way forward in how language organisations and governments can effectively develop digital tools able to help the revitalisation of lesser-used and endangered languages.