Join the Codefest Summerlab (Donostia, Spain, 4-8 July 2016)

DLDP will participate in Codefest, the summer­lab aiming to revitalise resource -scarce languages by providing them with effective tools for electronic communication and by teaching their communities how to use them.

This one-­week long hands­-on course will give participants the opportunity to become acquainted with the latest language­ based technologies and to develop different apps based on them. Partakers will work in a multidisciplinary coding bee that will team up linguists, software­ engineers and students.

Codefest will take place from Monday to Friday and will conclude over the weekend with a Wikipedia edit­a­thon focused on minority languages. All weekend long we will work on Wikipedia articles about Donostia in as many languages as possible.

No previous knowledge is required!